How to tell if the place you work at is toxic & you need to quit asap.

The sad reality is that we spend most of our time at work. Yes, we go on holidays and we hang out with our friends and family the other half of the time, but given that we dedicate 8-9 hours of our time in that one place 5 days per week makes it a key and unavoidable part of our life and I truly wish that everyone had the choice to work in a place they like and with people whose company they enjoy.
Unfortunately, no workplace is perfect and to find someone who loves their job and the people they work with is rare. But changing jobs isn’t always so easy and we often have to sweep our problems under the carpet and keep going in order to pay the bills.
In some cases, the problem might be with us. Maybe we haven’t yet learned how to deal with minimal, everyday pressure or stress? Maybe we still have to acquire the skill of dealing with difficult people efficiently and changing jobs isn’t the best solution? This is something that we have to ask ourselves as no two situations are the same.


How to deal with stress like a Pro!

Until very recently, I’ve been really bad at dealing with stress, especially work-related. Strict deadlines and projects that required me to present results to our clients made me feel extremely anxious and stressed, but I’m happy to say the situation has improved thanks to some tricks and tips I’ve been using in my everyday life. Below is a list of things that help me personally. 

1.Meditate, exercise & take care of your general health & wellbeing. These are all very important things but I feel like all of these deserve 1 point in the list because they’re the most obvious ways of making yourself feel better, which in turn helps you deal with stress. For me personally, exercise is the best solution out of the three as it allows me to release all of the negative emotions that build up during the day. 
2.Use the 5-year rule; I like to use this rule in crisis situations, especially when I need to calm myself down quickly and get on with my day. The 5-year rule is a really simple on…

Are you even in your 20s if you don’t have an existential crisis every other day?

If you’re in your twenties, you will probably relate to this.
With my 22nd birthday came a variety of thoughts making me question things I’ve never questioned before. And I’m not referring to questions of spiritual nature such as wondering if God is real or even something as simple as if I’m on the right path professionally. Instead, I began worrying that time is passing so quickly and although I’m still young, I might ‘sleep’ through a life-changing opportunity and fail at life if I don’t have my eyes wide open at all times.

You’re probably familiar with FOMO (the fear of missing out) and that’s what I suffer from, except in my case it doesn’t refer to parties or social events in general but it’s more about my career/personal-development/making a good future for myself.
The good thing is, I know that this is totally normal (especially in your 20s) and I’m not the only one dealing with this issue. The bad thing is, I have no idea how to stop worrying about it.
I’ve been very active whil…

Life update: how 2019 is going for me so far & some motivation!

We’re always so motivated and full of energy once January 2nd hits. After a week of eating lots and spending time with friends and family, the majority of us feel fresh, relaxed and excited for the year ahead.
This is when I usually come up with a variety of goals/new years resolutions and am filled with hope that the lazy, procrastinating and energy-lacking creature that I am, will turn into a beautiful butterfly over the course of the next few months. I tell myself that I'll eat well, exercise, stop caring about what other people think about me, etc. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t always as promising and I know many of you will be able to relate!

I woke up this morning (it’s April 1st as I’m writing this by the way, but god knows when I’ll get around to editing & publishing this blog post) and realised it’s April 1st and we’re already 4 months into the year and well, I have not achieved much so far.
My diet hasn’t really improved, my skin isn’t clear and it’s safe to say my f…

Challenges of growing up in 2019

I want to start off this blog post by showing my appreciation for the fact that I spent the first 10 years of my life not knowing what the internet was or who the Kardashians were. And even when the internet officially became a thing, and my parents bought their first ever computer, I wasn’t that interested in it and I much preferred spending my afternoons playing with my toys or visiting friends that lived nearby.
I was about 11 or 12 when Facebook reached its peak in popularity among teenagers. I must’ve been about 12 when a friend convinced me to register on Facebook. I remember spending the next couple of years fascinated by it and logged in every day, mostly to chat with friends but also to post tonnes of silly status updates (that haunt me to this very day thanks to that '‘you have memories to look back to'’ notification I receive so regularly) and lots of pictures. Back then, every social outing had to be celebrated with a photo/video or an entire gallery of such. Back i…

How to get out of your comfort zone and why doing it is SO worth it!

Here I am, back with another blog post! I have to say I'm feeling really inspired lately and I'm getting better with posting regularly. Writing is like therapy for me, and today, I'd like to share my thoughts on getting out of your comfort zone and all the reasons why doing it will be so worth it in the end!

There are so many things I secretly dream of doing, yet I don't have the guts to do them. These could be classified into two main categories. Things that would be considered dangerous and things that I stop myself from doing because I'm not confident enough to do them.
That being said, I got much better at this comfort zone thing over the years and cannot even compare what I'm like now and how insecure I was years ago!
Below are some pointers on how to put yourself out there more (based on my experiences) & reasons why doing so feels extremely liberating and fulfilling!
Do something that scares you
I don’t necessarily mean skydiving or bungee jumping.…

Losing yourself in a relationship

Watching this interview of Priscilla Presley discussing her marriage to Elvis as well as my own experiences have inspired me to write a blog post about 'losing yourself' while in a relationship.
I can relate to this feeling to a certain extent. Being in a long term relationship, there have definitely been times when I felt like I wasn't sure who I was anymore because I'd adapt my lifestyle and habits to suit 'us' and our relationship so much that I began to forget what I liked & who I was without him.
I still had the same friends and deep down I knew what I wanted to do and who I wanted to meet up with but my boyfriend had been my no.1 priority and I was willing to convince myself that doing things his way would benefit me more and that I didn't enjoy certain things. For example, for a moment in time, I considered myself to be 'too old and mature' to go clubbing and spend my nights surrounded by 'sweaty, drunk and desperate men' in an over…