How To Create Your Own Happiness

The moment you realise that YOU are the creator of your happiness is the moment you win at life. 

There are many sides to happiness and as it comes from within, it is up to you to define what makes your soul happy. That being said, I've put together 5 simple tips that can help anyone to get started with their journey.

1.  Make a Happiness List 

Can you think of 10 things or activities that make you feel happy? These don't have to be anything fancy or complicated. In fact, the more regular and 'within reach' these activities are, the better. In my case, writing, drinking good coffee and watching summer sunsets would definitely make the list.

The purpose behind this list is to get you to think about the things you truly enjoy and do more of them. It's always easier to do something once it's put in writing!

2. Start a Gratitude Journal

The more appreciative you are, the happier you become. So here's an idea - start a gratitude journal and make a note of at least 1 thing that you are grateful for or that made you feel happy on a given day. 

Consistency is key in this exercise and as we are all busy beings, it is recommended that only a line or two is written each day. This will make it more likely that you will stick to this routine & it won't feel like a big commitment.

After a while, you can open the journal and read back on all the little things that you've appreciated. Doing this will definitely put a  smile on your face! 

3. Do Something for You 

We work, we study, we run our errands, we pay bills. It's easy to get lost in our liabilities and forget about ourselves and what we truly enjoy. This is why it is vital that we find time to indulge in an activity that we love from time to time.

It's okay to be a little self-centred sometimes so do not feel guilty about taking a break and doing something for yourself.

4. De-clutter

Give away things you don't need, throw away things that are of no use, stop convincing yourself that you will eventually wear the jeans that have been hanging in your closet for the last 5 years with the price tag still on them. 

These things are only taking up valuable space and making your mind as cluttered as your surroundings. A good way to start the process (that can be timely in some cases) is to make it as enjoyable as possible. 

Buy pleasant-looking storage boxes, get rid of old hangers & invest in some good quality ones and most importantly - don't do it all at once as you might feel overwhelmed. Perhaps it would be a good idea to do a section every weekend? Small steps can really make a big difference over time. 

5. Take Care of Your Physical Self

We've talked about your soul & mind but we also need to talk about your body. Think of it as a machine that's here to help you live your best life. Whatever you put in, is what you get out of it and you surely wouldn't expect your phone to live on 2% battery all day so why do you deprive yourself of sleep for silly reasons like watching late night TV? Equally, you wouldn't put oil instead of washing powder into your dish washer so why eat greasy foods so often? 

It's all fine in moderation but it really does not take much effort to at least alter your habits. Try to get more sleep, stay hydrated, eat less processed foods, exercise when you can and you will see a difference. 

- primavera
* * * 
This entry had been inspired by 'The Happiness Project' written by Gretchen Rubin. A book I picked up spontaneously in a Belgian airport while awaiting boarding. A review will be coming soon!

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