What do YOU do to escape reality?

I feel like the phenomenon of escapism has existed since the beginning of mankind. It seems that we always recognised the importance of balance between work and leisure and the need to occasionally forget about our problems & responsibilities by looking at life through someone else's eyes (read on and I'll explain 😉).

I think it's incredibly important to switch our minds off from time to time. That being said, do we really have to look for our escape in fantasy-themed movies, silly TV shows or Xbox games? Why can't we 'stay present' and find stability and comfort within ourselves through, let's say, meditation, exercise or simply anything that's more mindful than watching TV for hours without even realising it?

The truth is, we enjoy drama. We like taking a break from our lives by watching someone else deal with whatever life brings them. And that's what stands behind the ongoing success of soap operas! 

Don't get me wrong - I'd be a terrible hypocrite if I said that I didn't enjoy checking what the Kardashians are up to from time to time!😅 What I'm trying to say, is that it's great to also find relaxation in more mindful & meaningful activities!                                                                     

The Importance of Passion

Just like I've mentioned in the entry on how to create your own happiness the moment you learn that YOU are responsible for your own happiness is the moment you win at life. Following the same train of thought, it only makes sense that happiness comes from within and you will never be truly happy because of a person, a place or anything tangible.

It seems to me that the most effective way of making yourself feel fulfilled is actively pursuing your passion. But what is a passion? - you might ask.

In my view, a passion is something that gets your heart racing, that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning & something that you don't do in turn for a reward or the approval of others. 

It might not be easy to find it at first and it might take a while before you discover yours. But once you do, your life will change - and for the better!

How to discover what you're passionate about

Everyone's journey of discovery is different. However, some questions that you might want to ask yourself in the process are the following:
  • what did you enjoy doing as a child or teenager?
  • what are your interests now & how can they be incorporated into a passion or hobby?
  • what makes you lose track of time? 
  • and simply, what excites you in life?
Ultimately, it's all about trying different things and eventually finding one that makes you feel alive. 

- primavera
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