About Me

Hello kind visitor! 

Thank you for visiting my blog - I hope it's not the last time and that you will find something useful here. 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself:
sketch of girl

In short, I'm a girl in her twenties who's trying to figure out life and not turn crazy in the process. I am based in Dublin, Ireland, where I've been living for a little over 12 years.

I'm still questioning a lot of things and growing as a person but there is one thing (fine, two things) I'm sure of - I love writing and I love sharing my knowledge & experiences to help others. 

I am very interested in the areas of personal development and happiness, and this is the main type of content that you will find on this blog (alongside a variety of random things that inspire me in my everyday life, my thoughts, struggles, and reflections).

There is still a lot I need to learn but I believe I know enough to make someone else's life at least a little better! 

You can follow me on Twitter @primavera_blogs for some silliness & inspiration!



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